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Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Financial statements are crucial to your business if you are working with banks, insurance companies, bonding agencies, or are hoping to sell. Your company might need prepared, compiled, or reviewed financial statements to satisfy the requirements of these outside stakeholders. Whether you need formal financial statements or accounting assistance to clean up your books, our responsive staff has the expertise to help your business shine.


Our financial statement review services provide banks, insurance companies, and bonding agencies a level of assurance that the financial statements are accurate. We perform inquiries and analytical procedures to obtain “limited assurance” on the accuracy of your financial statements. The review is the base level of CPA assurance and less intrusive than an audit.


A compilation is where your CPA prepares your financial statements by compiling financial data from your accounting records. Although we do not express an opinion of the accuracy of the financial statements, lenders and other outside parties appreciate the financial statements being presented by an external CPA. A compilation will usually suffice for small loans or if a significant amount of collateral is provided. 

QuickBooks® Consulting

If your business uses QuickBooks® accounting software, we have several Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors on staff to help you learn, use, and optimize this popular accounting program.

We also offer QuickBooks® hosting services through our cloud platform. Hosting your QuickBooks® allows us to access your information anytime and to view the file simultaneously with you. No more sending backups back and forth!

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